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Consider a Teak Shower Bench for Extra Bathroom Decor

 teak shower benchDo you struggle with your shower routine, and feel the risk of a slip and fall in the bathtub is just not worth it.

Are you asking yourself, I wish I could just sit down, relax and take the strain of my legs? Washing those harder to reach areas is not getting any easier. But if I got a chair for the shower which bathroom aid would be best for me?

Considering purchasing a teak bench, it’s a good consideration especially if your bath space could use a little extra bathroom decor.

Teak has always been the ultimate form of expression and function and is a great addition to any bathroom.

It doesn’t matter if your have an older style or modern bathroom, teak will be the perfect fit.

Teak wood is known to be the best wood for weathering mold, mildew, and the damp conditions which are found in the bathroom.

Teak’s unique property of withstanding extreme weather conditions makes it a preferred choice for making bathroom and outdoor furniture.

A Great Addition

No other type of woods even comes close to comparing to teak when it comes to its elegance, durability, stability and low maintenance. It doesn’t even demand the requirement of oiling and treating, as the case of other wood materials.

Teak  has many qualities that make it suitable  for the bath. It’s superior quality is strong, rigid and can withstand humidity and wet conditions typically found in most bathrooms. These humid and moist conditions have a harsh affect on ordinary wooden furniture which rapidly breaks down.

Teak also produces natural patina that imparts a stunning silver gray color glaze and adds to the durability of the wood. All these characteristics make it a beautiful and durable wood type to be used as a shower aid,  that requires almost negligible care and maintenance.

There are several types available on the market today. They range from the basic bench, to the more space-saving folding bench. A variety of shapes are also accessible like rectangular and triangular. Many of the teak benches have lower shelves for your shampoo and essentials for easy reach.

If you have a small enclosure or walk-in shower, a teak shower seat may be another option. They’re not too big,  not too small and available in many styles and designs. Many models are very stylish with curved contoured seats, and will make the bathroom look and fell more like a spa.

The teak corner shower stool is very popular in small enclosures, they are very light weight and easy to move. For a real space saver, there’s a new wall mounted teak folding seat that is both functional and elegant.

The durable and stunning look of teak wood adds a warm touch to the bench and will work in concert well with any kind of bathroom decor.

Teak is known to withstand mold, mildew, and extreme climate temperatures. Because of this teak is the most sought-after wood for applications such as trim on boats, and different types of furniture, especially outdoor and shower furniture.

Classic Asia Teak Serenity Stool by Decoteak  – 4.9 out of 5 stars

asian teak shower stoolThe Asian teak bench features: Asian style, grace, and elegance with galvanized stainless steel corrosion resistant hardware. Indoor outdoor golden brown deep penetrating stain to repel water, mold, mildew, fungus, and sunlight resistance.

This beautiful piece of furniture fits both modern or traditional home and bathroom décor. The bench is easy to assemble with all tools and detailed instructions included. Handy storage shelf . Including  a full 5 year warranty.

Customer reviews—————

Got this stool a couple of days ago and finally put it together. I have not used it in the shower yet, but here are my observations:

1. Packaging is good.
2. Wood is thick and substantial, much thicker and sturdier than my previous show stool which was a corner stool with a teak top and metal legs (the corner leg was adjustable to accommodate a slope in the shower floor.)
3. Assembly is easy. Be sure to read instructions and assemble in the correct order.
4. Stain is nice. It was stained after it was built, leaving the sides of the slats unstained and natural. A lot of furniture is made this was so this is not out of the ordinary. Its not really noticeable, but just something my OCD self notices. Wood has natural imperfections.
5. The bench design uses mortise and tenon joints along with screws to secure the legs to the base, which is really nice.
6. Where the two base legs attach to the seat, there is a little bit of a gap on both due to the angle of the wood.
7. My shower is 38 x 58 and the size of the stool is good.

WOW…I love the bench, but I love the customer service even better November 16, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase
I purchased this bench as a christmas present for my daughter. The other evening I came home to a message from Terri at Decoteak stating there were some plugs missing from my shipment and they were putting them into the mail for me. She left a number if I had any questions. I opened the box to see what was missing, and decided to do a ‘dry’ fit of the bench to make sure all was in order. I did not understand one part of the direction, and decided to call the number Terri left. It was 8:00pm, and to my amazement, Terri picked up the phone. She explained the instructions and assured me the missing plugs would be on the way. I have never experianced a company who caught an error in packageing before I did and then took the initiative to correct the problem in advance.

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