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Installing A Wall Mounted Fold Down Shower Seat

fold up shower seatIf your struggling with limited space constraints in your bathtub, the fold down shower seat may well be the sensible alternative.

You may have probably already heard about the space saving units, sometimes referred to as the folding shower seat, fold up, or wall mounted shower seat.

The seats are firmly attached to the wall with a frame. Sometimes adjustable, the frame will allow differing heights for those using the seat to quickly and easily make adjustments.

This type of install needs to be fixed to a wall strong enough to take the weight of an adult when the chair is attached.

The Design calls for a solid wood mount and must be installed into studs or a wall blocking. If the wall does not seem as though it will take sufficient weight then there are alternatives which have leg supported fold down seats extending when the chair seat is lowered.

This type of seat considerably reduces load on the wall if the wall strength is in doubt. These are not stand alone units like shower chairs.

Not only does the wall mounted  seat provide an added level of security for those who need it, but are aesthetically pleasing offering a stylish thin, compact design. It can fold up when not in use, so that others in the household can use the stall as usual.

The fold down Teak or Brazilian walnut units are an excellent option if you have a small shower. Teak has a high level of water resistance and Brazilian walnut is actually more water resistance than teak.

Constructed with a rugged aluminum or stainless steel frame and water-resistant teak wood for a durable, yet aesthetically pleasing fold down design.

Installing the Seat

If you consider yourself an intermediate leveled carpenter or handyman with experience in light framing, drilling through and installing ceramic tile then mounting the seat should be within your skill level.

Tools required can include: Electric drill, carpentry tools, masonry bit, punch…

  • Most typical shower wall surrounds are a 2×4 wood stud frame, covered with gypsum drywall, tile board and the wall finish is typically ceramic tile. These materials alone are not adequate to support the seat unless you can mount into existing wood blocking or studs. Use a 1/8th-inch masonry bit, drill through the tile grout to determine if wall support is in place.
  • Installation requires wood blocking in a typical stud wall, load bearing support is absolutely necessary! With new construction this is not a problem, adequate blocking between studs can be performed while framing the wall.
  • The strongest installation requires continuous 2 x 12 wood blocking between the studs, starting from the floor plate up to at least 24 inches above the shower floor. When strengthening the wall of an existing shower,¬† this type of installation can get more involved.
      • You may consider removing the wallboard, to an interior wall and installing the blocking from the backside, if the shower backs up to an interior wall or closet, great! If there is no alternative, it may require removing and replacing a portion of the existing shower wall and tile.
      • After the wood blocking and the wall finish has been installed, mounting the fold down shower seat is a simple process of marking and drilling. Position the seat at the required height, normally 17-19 inches above the floor. Mark the flange and wall bracket screw locations. To prevent the drill bit from wondering, use a punch to carefully nick the tile. Drill through the tile, using a masonry bit. Mount the new shower seat according to the manufactures detailed instructions with the proper installation anchoring hardware.I hope this information has been helpful and good luck installing your new fold down shower seat.

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